Apple Releases iTunes 11.1.3 to Fix Equalizer Bug and Improve Performance

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iTunesApple released iTunes 11.1.3 on Tuesday. The maintenance release fixes a problem with the equalizer and, "improves performance when switching views in large iTunes libraries."

Apple's patch notes:

This version of iTunes resolves an issue where the equalizer may not work as expected and improves performance when switching views in large iTunes libraries. This update also includes additional minor bug fixes.

Note: If you are using OS X Mavericks, your book library can now be found in iBooks for Mac.

iTunes 11.1.3 is available now in the Mac App Store under Mavericks as a 230MB download.


Lee Dronick

Grrrrrrrr! Earlier today I updated apps.


230MB. Wow. iTunes 9.2.1 (a universal app) was a little over 176MB. That’s a lot of MB creep.  I vote for bringing back updaters.


But does it fix the problem where it won’t start videos with AC3 audio selected?


They still did not fix the stuttering audio when trying to view movies in full screen (iTunes and quicktime and other movie software).  They broke the audio with Mavericks and they need to fix it.

Paul Goodwin

They also didn’t restore multiple window support. I’m sticking with 10.7 until they do. I understand Mavericks won’t run 10.7, so I’m sticking with OS 10.8.5. As a musician that works multiple song lists, iTunes 11 is worthless to me.

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