Apple Releases iTunes 12.3.1 with Stability Improvements

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Apple released a minor update to iTunes Wednesday, version 12.3.1. The patch notes specify only that, "This update improves overall stability and performance," but it comes on the same day that iOS, OS X, and watchOS were updated. And...thats all there is to this update, so for your entertainment here's a couple of adorable puppies (courtesy of Shutterstock) that have somehow found themselves in bags.

Oh noes! How did these puppies get into these bags?!?

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I did the OS X 10.11.1 update earlier today. Seeing your notice, I went to update iTunes and found that I’m already running 12.3.1

It might be bundled with the OS X update, so readers might want to check their iTunes version after the El Cap update.

As for those puppies, people with too much time on their hands put them into those bags.


Same here. One update that listed both 10.11.1 and iTunes 12.3.1

I did notice that iTunes seems a bit quicker to open. That’s a needed improvement.


The app store has a bundled 10.11.1 and iTunes.
If you just download 10.11.1 then it doesn’t include iTunes

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