Apple Releases iTunes 12.2 Update with Apple Music Support

Apple released an iTunes update on Tuesday afternoon with support for Apple Music, the company's new streaming music service and Internet radio station. The version 12.2 update lets users try out and use Apple Music on their Mac and Windows PC—something we've already been able to do most of today on our iPhones and iPads.

iTunes gets updated for Apple MusiciTunes gets updated for Apple Music

Apple Music is officially taking to the air Internet on Tuesday, June 30 at 9AM pacific time. The new iTunes update for Mac and Windows takes care of our desktops and laptops, and iOS 8.4 gets the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch ready for Apple Music, too. The iOS update will be available at 8AM pacific time on June 30.

Apple Music includes a free three month trial, and costs US$9.99 a month after that. A free tier is available, too, that limits song skipping for streaming music but does include Beats 1 radio.

The iTunes update is available through the Updates tab in the App Store app. You can find it by going to Apple Menu > App Store. You can also download the new version from Apple's iTunes webpage.

Check out TMO's Apple Music FAQ for more information about the streaming music service.