Apple Reportedly Bumps iPad mini Orders to 10-12 Million in Q4

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The Apple Crystal BallApple has bumped iPad mini orders to 10 million units this quarter, up from 8 million units previously, according to Taiwan-based DigiTimes. That number could be as high as 12 million before the year is out, with the increased numbers stemming from improved yields in components.

The source for the story, as it usually is for DigiTimes, comes from Apple's supply chain, an amorphous entity with more leaks than Carter has liver pills. That source said that Apple had originally targeted 10 million iPad minis for the quarter, but had cut those total orders due to key components having yield issues.

Those yield issues have bene improving, however, and the source said that Apple has already shipped 8 million units in just the first two months of the quarter. That means Apple could as many as 12 million units before the quarter is out.

The report also said that the supply chain is anticipating similar order levels for the March quarter. For context, Apple sold 14 million iPad 3s in the September quarter, a number that disappointed Wall Street.

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With any piece coming from DigiTimes, one must weigh the trustworthiness of the report. With new product rumors, there is always a very high chance that the report is based on component leaks for something Apple is merely playing with or are simply being misinterpreted.

DigiTimes has a very good record for order-based reports on currently shipping products such as this one. You can probably even skip the salt when taking it in.

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