Apple Reportedly Buys HopStop - Foot, Bike, Subway Routes for Maps

Apple has reportedly bought HopStop, a mapping company with technology that provides users with the fastest routes for pedestrian trips on foot, bike and mass transit, including subways. Earlier on Friday, it was reported that Apple also purchased Locationary, a company that crowd sources information about local businesses.

Citing anonymous sources, Bloomberg reported that Apple purchased HopStop—neither Apple nor the company has confirmed the purchase. HopStop provides routing directions in some 140 cities in the U.S., meaning that it could significantly boost Apple Maps in the U.S.

HopStop has an app on the App Store and Google Play, and as of this writing, both apps are still live. We might suggest that you download either one of them Soon™ if you're interested—once Apple buys a company, existing apps tend to be pulled, often quickly.

HopStop Screenshots

HopStop Screenshots with Map Routes & Written Alerts

The company's App Store description says:

HopStop is the only transit app you'll ever need! Get detailed subway, bus, train, taxi, walking and biking directions, real-time transit information via "HopStop Live!", as well as official transit maps, nearby station search, and station-to-station schedules in over 600 cities throughout the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

In addition, you'll benefit from our latest feature, HopStop Live!, which lets you see what other HopStop users are saying, in real-time, about the stations, trains, lines and buses you use most. HopStop Live! empowers our community of millions of transit riders to work together towards a common goal to get everyone to where they need to go, faster.

The App Store description also has a full listing of all cities currently supported.