Apple Reportedly Fires Maps Manager as Cue Rebuilds Maps Team

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Apple has fired the manager of its Maps service, according to Bloomberg. The move comes as Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue looks to rebuild the Maps team and fix problems with the service.

Eddy Cue & Apple Maps

Eddy Cue & Apple Maps

Mr. Cue was put in charge of Maps and Siri after former iOS chief Scott Forstall was ousted in October. Problems with Maps, and Mr. Forstall's reported refusal to sign CEO Tim Cook's apology letter, have been cited by various sources as being a big part of why Mr. Forstall was sacked.

Citing unnamed sources "familiar with the move," Bloomberg said that Mr. Cue is seeking advice from mapping experts outside of Apple. He is also "prodding" TomTom, from whom Apple gets mapping data, to correct landmark information and navigational data.

Apple isn't commenting on the report, pointing instead to a statement from Mr. Cook in September when he promised that Apple Maps will improve.

Apple's reputation took a hit when it released iOS 6 with its own Maps service in September. Apple Maps has a great UI, but user reports of mistakes and navigation routing problems surfaced almost immediately, leading many to question Apple's decision to boot the successful and popular Google Maps.

To that end, Apple's reputation hit has been characterized as an unnecessary and self-inflicted wound. Apple could have introduced Apple Maps alongside Google Maps, for instance, telling customers that user interaction will allow the company to improve the service before its final rollout.

Had it done so, Mr. Cook wouldn't have needed to apologize and Mr. Cue might not be in charge of the service today. It turns out, however, that wishes are neither fishes nor horses, and the talented and very capable Mr. Cue gets to clean up the mess.

In the meanwhile, Apple has taken the unprecedented move of promoting rival mapping services. Nokia is introducing its own service called Here to iOS, and Google is prepping its own standalone app for submission to Apple.

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They made the same mistake with Final Cut Pro.
The software isn’t terrible. The rollout is breathtakingly arrogant and dumb.


Honestly, I don’t think the firing is probably warranted. The biggest mistake Apple made was over playing the greatness of the app when it should have labeled the initial release as a beta. That is what it did for Siri and Maps is probably just as big if not bigger undertaking.

Further, maybe Apple could have rolled the Map out in North America first, where it actually is pretty good, and slowly rolled it out in other places where it was clearly lacking. In Michigan, it works great.

Moreover, Maps was a case were Apple’s secrecy sort of bit it in the butt. You need a product like Maps to have plenty of real world exposure before claiming the product finished. Calling it a beta would have solved that. Moreover, Apple should have came out as an App on OSX at the same time. It is easier to report mistakes on the Mac.


Nokia HAS introduced its new iOS map ands it;s terrible. Most of errors reported were an echo chamber of the same errors reported over and over by a lazy tech press before they even were for sale in stores. I have been using Apple’s new map for 6 week ands it works as good and even better than

Yes i said that.

Googles map as we know had no turn by turn, I didn’t use it all that much. Apples map does for me everything I need that Googles map did, and it;s not crippled by design to not have turn by turn.

It would be nice if a tech press would actual do real world comparisons before declaring that Apples map is crappy. And I’m in USA, so i really couldn’t care less about Canada or the UK.

map phin

Like others have said, maps hasn’t been THAT bad for me so far.  There have been minor annoyances, like it sending me 10 miles to where it thinks my nearest bank branch is, when I know there are 3 closer.  The inability to say “no freeways dammit” when i know for a fact that chicago rush hour will be a parking lot and side streets are always faster.  For these reason I still almost always use my galaxy and Google maps for nav still.

Given the time frame, I think they did an admirable job with an impossible task - the marketing geniuses who made us expect that they’d topped Google maps’ 10+ years of development with apple maps are the people who should be fired IMO.

Lee Dronick

I am using it more and more, particularly the turn-by-turn feature. It seems to very accurate here in San Diego, occasional weird distortions in 3D not withstanding. I want to see some improvements, in particular enhancing the traffic condition and the addition of block numbers.

“And I’m in USA, so i really couldn’t care less about Canada or the UK.”

Well I care about them, but I think globally though I act locally.

Sparkling apps

This morning, Apple accepted the latest update to ‘Sparkling Maps’, our implementation of google maps on iOS6. It has all the functions of the original google maps on Apple devices, such as streetview, but it also includes turn by turn navigation. Check it out on

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