Apple Revamps Free on iTunes, Brings Back Free Songs

Apple quietly dropped its free weekly songs on the iTunes Store about a week ago but has now brought them back, along with a makeover for its Free on iTunes page in iTunes. The revamped Free on iTunes showed up over the weekend and includes multiple free songs, TV shows, and more.

The new Free on iTunes...The new Free on iTunes...

Apple kicked off Free on iTunes' fresh look with tracks from Nude Beach, Guster, Robin Bacior, Handmouth, and more. You can also pick up free episodes from TV shows such as 12 MOnkeys, Backstrom, and The Musketeers.

...and Free on iTunes before....and Free on iTunes before.

When Apple dropped its free song offerings earlier this month it seemed like the change was made to promote First Play on iTunes Radio. Instead, it looks like it was a step in the redesign for Free on iTunes, and the company simply didn't feel like talking about its plans.