Apple Rolls Out Email Addresses for MobileMe Users

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Apple started notifying former MobileMe users on Wednesday that they now have email addresses, although they can continue to use their .Mac and MobileMe addresses, too.

Apple rolls out email addresses for MobileMe usersApple rolls out email addresses for MobileMe users

In a knowledge base article on using iCloud email addresses, Apple stated,

If you are an existing iCloud Mail user with an or email address, Apple has reserved an email address for you. You will receive an equivalent for every active or email address or alias that you have as part of your account.

MobileMe users that migrated to iCloud can watch for an email telling them when their new iCloud email addresses are ready.



Oh goody :|
Just what I need, ANOTHER email account.
I wouldn’t care either way, I still use my account, but kept defaulting as the return address till now most of my contacts use that despite my preference. I suspect the same will happen with the new address.


And more confusion with Apple Ids ahead.


And of course this means that all the local parts (before the @ sign) that have ever been used since iTools launched almost 13 years ago are not available for new iCloud addresses.


Yep, this is another address that finds it’s way out to people even though you don’t want it to.

I get erratic errors from the Apple server when xyz is set for the default alias in the mail account - ‘Certificate is not valid for the domain’.

Despite what Apple say in newsletters, it’s becoming clear that they want you to forget about and & start using or whatever fugly new name they come up with in 2014.

Presumably iTools & later accounts that have expired have been re-added back to the pool of account names.


A year ago I more or less gave up. I had to move my web site from to a commercial host anyway (THANKyou Apple :(  ) and it came with e-mail addresses. I set up a domain and now I have as my professional address. I still use the Apple addresses, I still have my .mac, and .me addresses but they are slowly becoming SPAM collectors. I guess the icloud address will just start out that way.

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