Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 2 for iPhone & iPad to Developers

Apple released the second beta of iOS 7 to developers on Monday, just two weeks after the company announced the first beta at the annual World Wide Developer Conference on June 10th. In addition to support for iPhone, iOS 7 Seed 2 also supports iPad for the first time.

Apple's Original iOS 7 Images

iOS 7 on iPhone 5

The new beta also includes the new voices for Siri shown off by Apple during the WWDC keynote, and the Voice Memos app is now included (it was absent from the first beta seed).

The release includes a number of bug fixes and another number of known issues that Apple is still working on. MacRumors reported that users are finding Siri to be much more responsive than in the first beta seed. 9to5Mac has published an array of screenshots from the release.

iOS 7 is scheduled for a fall release. It features a completely redesigned user interface that removes almost all skeuomorphic design elements in exchange for a flat interface with the added element of contextual layers.