Apple Sells Out iPad mini Preorders

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Apple finally sold through all of its iPad mini preorder inventory Monday morning. The company quickly sold out its white iPad mini inventory on preorder launch day last Friday, but its black models held out until today.

The iPad mini was introduced during a special media event on October 23 and the company began accepting preorder sales on Friday, October 26.

Apple sells out iPad mini preordersApple sells out iPad mini preorders

The iPad mini includes a 7.9-inch multitouch display with 1024x768 resolution, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth, front and rear-facing digital cameras, and Apple's new Lightning sync and charging connector.

Shoppers that want an iPad mini right away but weren't able to preorder in time still have a chance to pick one up on launch day which is Friday, November 2. Apple will have the smaller iPad models in its retail stores, but there isn't any word on how many each location will have on hand.

The iPad mini is priced starting at US$329, and while it's available for order through the Apple website, shipping dates have been pushed out two weeks.

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Will Apple release iPad sales numbers soon after launch (Nov 2)?
Would be interesting to know how much the shipping delay is due to supply constraints /manufacturing issues and how much to soaring sales?  Looks like the iPad Mini pricing, decried by many (including me), wasn’t much of a deterrent to early adopters.


Send them back. Ballmer just said you don’t want these.


Selling out is meaningless to people who have no idea how many Apple had available for initial sales. I am interested in one, but I always want to touch one first.

I think Apple made some good choices in design and price. When Apple ramps up production costs associated with the product will come down. When it comes out with the second generation, it likely will be able to lower the price on the first generation much like it did with the Minis big brother.

I suspect Apple will have a blow out Christmas Quarter. It will be interesting to see what Apple has planned for the rest of the year to sustain yearly sales. I suspect Apple will be aggressive with updates for the iPad because it doesn’t want to lose its dominant position.

Mike Wong

You can still order these, go to apple and order. They are not even close to being sold out.


again apple buying their own iproducts to boost sales and increase revenue reports to make investors happy . stocks still going down and will continue . after the holidays ipad mini 2 with 32 gb and retina screen for $350 . better bargin then . apple technology still behind other companies . kindles , nooks, nexus, and some androids are more worth it with good prices . iproducts are a waste of money right now except ipad 4 . planning to get the ipad 4 but it might be good for only 6 months .

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