Apple Shows Off iPad in Christmas Commercial

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Apple showed off the iPad, iPad mini and FaceTime video conferencing in a new commercial that aired Friday evening. The ad features a girl singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" to her grandfather through a FaceTime chat while he listens and smiles.

Apple's Apple's "I'll Be Home" iPad holiday ad

The ad never mentions any Apple products by name, but instead simply shows the iPad and iPad mini, and at the end shows an Apple logo.

Apple's iPhone and iPad marketing campaign has focused on emotions and the idea that the devices empower users, and this new ad is no different. Where other companies rattle off hardware specifications or poke fun at Apple product users, Apple goes for the heart, and the "I'll Be Home" ad is a perfect example.

I'll Be Home is airing on television now and can also be seen online at the Apple website.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This is a very cute commercial. Although, out in the real world, grandfathers actually talk and clap. This one looks like the family put him in a home and gave him an iPad mini so they wouldn’t have to visit him anymore. He’ll be lucky if the staff doesn’t pilfer it.

Bryan Chaffin

Your cynicism makes me sad, Brad.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Nah, that’s just edgy humor. Cynicism would be if I rewrote the lyrics:
You’ll be in that home for Christmas,
I’ll be wearing skis.
Please don’t hound the nursing staff,
They aren’t trying to make you freeze.

Rusty Shackleford

Genius Brad, genius.


Why is the image reversed on the mini view?


But does it surprise you Bryan?


does anyone else notice how big her hands are.i don’t think she is playing instrument.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This is for Ron…
AAPL will be down on Christmas,
And on New Years Eve,
Karma bit Ron is the arse,
Maybe Bryan will make him leave.

Here’s hoping Christmas wishes come true!


Brad, folks wonder why Christmas doesn’t seem the same as it was…you just might be a good example.

Why be nice when you can be “edgy”?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Totally agree with you Dczar. I’ll see one of my grandfathers (and my grandmother) in person this evening and tomorrow. My folks will pick up my other grandfather and bring him over to their home for Christmas Eve and Christmas. We don’t relegate our elders to FaceTime.


LOL Bosco, I am SO much better off financially than you will ever be.  And I am not worried at all about my AAPL stock holdings, as I buy/sell on the big swings anyway.  But I am so sad that you want Bryan to make me leave.  Didn’t realize how much I get under your skin.  Here’s a toast to another year of showing how wrong the great and powerful Bosco is.  And, as always, seek professional help dude.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Don’t flatter yourself Ron. The only thing that surpasses my cynicism is my sadistic side. Were Bryan to run you for being the pretentious douche you are, the aftermath would be fun to watch. Kinda like when the stock fluffers on AFB got tossed with the forums redesign. Comedy gold.


Now Bosco, no name calling.  Bryan will yell at us.  I apologize for bothering you so much.  Lighten up!!  It’s Christmas Eve!!  Are you referring to the stock that you recommended people sell hundreds and hundreds of dollars a share lower than it is right now?  Is that why you resent Apple so much?  You sold your measly amount of stock at $160?  Now that’s comedy gold!!  But if you buy back in now, you’ll get a nice healthy return in 2013.  That’s good advice - you should take me up on that.

Off to Christmas Eve service.  Merry Christmas, and God Bless Us Everyone!!

Lee Dronick

“We don’t relegate our elders to FaceTime.”

Not every family can have every family member together for the holidays. The advertisement shows a solution for those who can not make the reunion, but still want to see a loved one.

Gene King

I saw the commercial twice on Christmas.
The second time I noticed (like Chcha) the reversed image.
Why is it reversed?

Lee Dronick

“The second time I noticed (like Chcha) the reversed image.
Why is it reversed?”

When you use FaceTime you see a full screen of the other person and a thumbnail of you in the corner. The other party sees a full screen of you and thumbnail of themselves in the corner. You need the thumbnail so that you can stay in the camera frame, or compose the scene. Ofttimes when using my iPhone or iPad I will use the rear camera to pan the scene so that say a group of people can be seen by the person on the other end, the thumbnail helps with that.

Shelly P.

This was my favorite commercial of the season.  Wondering how many had to try out for the part of the little girl.  It brings a smile to my face everytime I see it…  smile

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