Apple Slapped with Patent Lawsuit over Messages & FaceTime

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Intercarrier Communications filed a lawsuit against Apple over claims that Messages and FaceTime infringe on a patent it owns. The patent covers messaging services via phones, and ICC is targeting other companies with similar infringement lawsuits, too.

Apple sued over Messages and FaceTime

Along with Apple, MobiWeb, Inerop Technologies, BroadSoft, and Iris Wireless have all been hit with lawsuits for allegedly infringing on ICC's patent in the past few days, according to Patently Apple.

The patent in question, 6,985,748, was granted in January 2006 and describes a system where messages are routed across different carrier networks based on phone numbers.

Messages is Apple's Mac, iPhone and iPad app for text and photo messaging. FaceTime is the company's video chat app that's limited to WiFi connections for most users.

Texas-based ICC filed its lawsuit against Apple in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia. The company appears to be just a patent holder using its portfolio as a single source of revenue.

Apple has not commented on the lawsuit.

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If you wait 6 years, you forfeit your claim. Slow and lazy is no way to go through life, even for a patent troll.


But on a Mac, you could use Messages predecessor, iChat to send SMS messages.  I’ve been doing it for years to keep in touch with my kids.  Nobody sued then, did they?

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