Apple Sold 700 Million iPhones, Claims 120 Million Apple Store Visitors in Q4 2014

​Apple has sold more than 700 million iPhones to date, according to CEO Tim Cook. During the company's "Spring Forward" media event, Mr. Cook offered several factoids that would be monumental achievements for any other company, including the fact that it now has 453 retail stores that saw 120 million visitors during the December quarter alone.

Apple opened six new retail stores in the last six weeks, and the company now has 21 stores in China. Apple plans to have some 43 stores open in China by the middle of 2015, and Mr. Cook showed a video celebrating the West Lake store in China during its media event.

As noted above, any of these numbers would be stunning achievements for any other company on the planet. For Apple, they didn't even warrant a press release. You can walk through Apple's media event with TMO's live coverage.