Apple Spending $161 Million on Theater Inside Spaceship HQ

Apple is spending US$161 million just to build a new theater inside its in-progress "Spaceship" headquarter, or Apple Campus 2. BuildZoom (via Re/code) uncovered this Apple factoid through building permits filed with the City of Cupertino.

The entry describes the building as simply "Theater," with the filing entity being Campus Holdings. Inc., at 1 Infinite Loop, in Cupertino, CA.

Apple Building Permi

Apple Building Permit
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While little in the grand scheme of Apple's unprecedented wealth machine, $161 million for a theater is a Crap Tonne™ of money. But, as Re/code put it, "Cost for Apple to Build Its Own Auditorium? $161 Million. Value of Secrecy? Priceless."

Apple can, of course, use the facility for media events. By holding product announcements on a property it owns staffed entirely by Apple employees gives the company maximum control over those events, including maximum control over preparations and rehearsals.

Apple currently holds some events in its existing Town Hall, but $161 million will presumably buy enough space to fit much larger events than those usually held on Infinite Loop.

The question, however, is what else Apple is planning. For instance, Apple could use the space for movie or TV screenings, something that could be useful if Apple has bigger plans for either industry. The same is true for musical events, both for employee entertainment and for events targeting the music industry.

The reality is that if Apple is spending $161 million on this space, it could well include the world's first multiplex holographic theater.

Oh, and Apple is spending $74 million on a fitness facility in the new campus, too.