Apple Store Online for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Preorders

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The Apple Store is back online for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus preorders, though a variety of quirks have affected some users. Despite such issues, many people have successfully booked their preorder for delivery or pick up on September 25th, 2015.

Problems reaching TMO include some credit cards (Visa, in particular) resulting in kicking the user out of the odering process; the Confirm Store Reservation button not working; some people not getting the Web version of the store up and running; and my favorite—AT&T's eligibility payment system scheduled maintenance for midnight to 2:00 AM PDT, the first two hours of eligibility, as shown in the screenshot below:

AT&T Screenshot

Slick move, Ma Bell.

Still, preorders are going through for many customers, as shown below.

iPhone 6s Confirmation

One Lucky Preorder's Confirmation

As of this writing, all models are still showing as available for delivery on September 25th, 2015.

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Well, waking up at 2:45 am EST didn’t work out that great. First of all, Apple Store wasn’t opened up until 3:12am. I did get the order placed; but woke up again at 6am to discover that I had ordered the Gold model instead of the Rose Gold model. I couldn’t get that order cancelled until after 7am. Finally got the right order placed around 7:25am. It still came back with an estimated delivery of 9/25. Lesson learned. Make sure you are wide awake when placing $700+ orders.

Lee Dronick

Right now I am at the North County Fair Shopping Center which has an Apple Store. There were 4 people in line to order iPhones, this was at about 10:15 A.M. I remarked on it and the store employee said that expect that it will grow longer as the morning progresses

Melissa Steven

Apple is now very famous at online stores, even it’s comes with lots of gadgets and instruments too.
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So Bryan, here’s my story.

Pardon the late entry, but I’ve been tied up with day-job deadlines.

I arose at 0245 EDT in the USA to place my order for the new iPhone 6s. I recalled how quickly the 6 ran into second tier shipping, and was lucky enough to get my family’s 6’s ordered in the first tier only by being prompt.

I opened both the Apple and AT&T websites. Both were in holding mode. The AT&T site said it would auto-refresh when ordering was available, which it did at 0258 (two minutes early). Meanwhile the Apple website was still in dark mode.

I selected my phone on my family account, and selected the 128 GB 6s Plus (Space Grey) as my upgrade, completed the process and, only at the end, was greeted with the congratulatory salutation and the news that my phone would ship between 16 - 28 October. Yes, you read that right.

By this time the Apple website was still not live, so I went to the Apple Store App on my iPad and it was active. I tried to repeat the process there, and was greeted with a rejection of my phone’s eligibility (the AT&T purchase was already registered). However, it confirmed shipping availability for my configuration on 25 September.

I went back to the AT&T site and cancelled my order, which took long minutes to process, but I was able to confirm by checking my order status. I then went back to the Apple Store iPad App and completed my purchase, and got the news that my iPhone would still ship by 25 September.

The moral of this story is, even if you have to wait a minute or so, the Apple iOS app will likely be live soon enough to make the first tier (did so with my family’s 6 orders) ahead of both Apple website, as well as the likely ship dates for the carriers, which in AT&T’s case claimed was ‘back-ordered stock’ related.

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