Apple to Developers: Submit Your Apple TV Apps

Apple sent the call out to developers Wednesday evening to submit their Apple TV-native apps for approval. The notice comes just a few days ahead of Apple TV pre-orders, and a week ahead of the streaming TV device's October 30 launch.

Apple calls for Apple TV app submissionsApple calls for Apple TV app submissions

The new Apple TV is the first model to support user-installable third-party apps and will be the first to have an App Store, too. Previously, every app on the Apple TV was approved and installed my Apple either as software updates, or as apps quietly pushed out without any user interaction.

Apple's Developer Web page has instructions and guidelines for submitting Apple TV apps, supporting the new Siri-enabled remote, designing your graphics and icons, and preparing your App Store product page.

Apple TV is priced at US$149 for the 32 GB model, and $199 for the 64 GB version. Pre-order sales are set to start on Monday, October 20.

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