Apple to Give Away Five iWork and iLife Apps Free for New iOS Devices

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Apple announced on Tuesday that it will be giving away five apps from its iWork and iLife suites free to purchasers of new iOS devices. The company said that customers will be able to download Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto, and iMovie for iOS free during the setup process on new iOS devices when they're released later this month.

Apple made the announcement during it's "This should brighten everyone's day" media event in Cupertino. The setup process for these new devices will include a step that allows users to download them directly.

More details to come.

iOS 7 on Apple's iPhone 5

iOS 7 on Apple's iPhone 5

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Does this mean new iPads or iPods are coming this month? or ATV?

Bryan Chaffin

I expect to see iPads end of September or early October. Mac Pro to follow.

It could be reversed.


I already have all their iWork/iLife apps foe iOS. They should offer me a refund!

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