Apple Turns Burberry Fashion Shoot into iPhone 5S Ad

Ahead of the official iPhone 5S launch Apple teamed with Burberry to use the new smartphone for a fashion shoot, and now some of that footage has found its way into a new commercial highlighting the combination media player and smartphone.

Apple turns Burberry fashion show into new iPhone 5S adApple turns Burberry fashion show into new iPhone 5S ad

The 30 second commercial shows off the iPhone 5S used to take photos and video along the runway at a fashion show for the retailer Burberry, which actually did happen in September 2013 before it was unveiled to the public.

Apple's ties with Burberry run deeper than fashion show footage. Apple hired the company's current CEO, Angela Ahrendts, last fall to run its retail division with plans to have her on the job some time this spring.

The spot isn't running on television right now, but you can watch it at the Apple website.