Apple Turns to Pinterest for Easier App Discovery

Apple's iPhone and iPad App Store is little more than a bag of hurt for app discovery, which led to sites like Applr as an alternative way to find the apps you want. Now Apple is trying a new approach at easier app discovery by teaming up with Pinterest.

Apple turns to Pinterest for easier app discoveryApple turns to Pinterest for easier app discovery

Pinterest is a social networking site where users pin, or tag, items that intereste them such as images, articles, and websites. Followers can see what you post and comment on or share what interests you.

Apple is getting in on the action with its own App Store profile where it will highlight staff picks, apps famous people use, fashion-related apps, and more. The iOS Pinterest app now sports Install buttons so you can quickly download apps you want, too.

Android smartphone users are out of luck because Pinterest isn't offering the same service for Google's app store, at least for now.