Apple TV to get Single Sign-on for Channels, More

Apple showed off tvOS and its latest features at Worldwide Developer Conference on Monday. The new version includes Single sign-on for channels, Siri support in the iPhone remote app, and more.

tvOS getting Single sign-on for channelstvOS getting Single sign-on for channels

Instead of going through the tedious process of going to our computers to enter channel-specific access codes for each channel, Single sign-on handles the process for all channels.

The Remote app for the iPhone will support Siri voice control, just like the Apple TV 4's remote, apps downloaded to our iPhones and iPads will automatically download to your Apple TV—assuming a compatible app is available.

Apple is also introducing ReplayKit to let you record video, PhotoKit for accessing iCloud photos. The new version of tvOS will be available this fall, but registered developers will have access to a preview version today.