Apple Unveils iPhone 5s, First 64 Bit Smartphone

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Apple confirmed iPhone 5s rumors on Tuesday at its special media event. The new top of the line model includes an Apple-designed A7 processor, and the company said this is the first 64-bit smartphone.

iPhone 5S: 64-bit in Silver, gold, and blackiPhone 5S: 64-bit in Silver, gold, and black

The iPhone 5s includes a 4-inch Retina Display, and is available in three colors: Space Grey instead of black, white with silver, and white with gold. Apple's Phil Schiller said CPU performance is 40 times better than the original iPhone.

Apple's move into wearable tech is coming as part of the iPhone 5s instead of the rumored iWatch. The 5s includes what Apple dubbed as the M7 processor which essentially turns your smartphone into a Fitbit that makes phone calls.

The built-in camera includes dual flashes for more natural lighting, includes a burst mode at 10 frames per second, captures video at 720p and 120fps. The camera offers better dynamic range, and captures multiple images when you take a photo, then presents you with the best.

According to Mr. Schiller, the iPhone 5s offers battery life that's at least as long as the iPhone 5 at 250 standby hours.

The new model also includes a fingerprint sensor that's built into the Home button, just as was expected, that lets you use your thumb print instead of a password and also lets you authenticate for iTunes purchases.

Apple is pricing the 16GB version at US$199, the 32GB model costs $299, and the 64GB version costs $399. While iPhone 5c pre-orders start on September 13 and will be in stores on the 20th,  the iPhone 5s will be available starting on September 20 -- no pre-orders available.

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I don’t know…. there seems to be an awful lot of feature bloat.

Three colors? Why do we need three? Weren’t we perfectly happy with one and those that really wanted a second color could wait 9 to 12 months and get their other color.

Why does it come in three different sizes? You know everyone is just going to buy the middle size.

Why do we need this M7 processor? This 64 bit thing seem awfully feature creepy. What was wrong with the A6? It worked wonderfully and had great power consumption.

Why does it have LTE? Almost no one has an LTE network rolled and even Steve Jobs doubted the need of 3G when it was rolled out to 97% of the country, never mind the 3% who have LTE…

The finger print sensor seems neat, but with the NSA illegal monitoring it just seems another way to track us…

All in all, lots of Feature Creep, little innovation, and no wow factor.


Your text says, ” available in three colors: Space Grey instead of black, white with silver, and white with gold..,” but your picture caption says, “iPhone 5S: 64-bit in Silver, gold, and black”

Color me confused.

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