Apple Unveils its Own iPhone 6s Battery Case

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iPhone 6s owners woke up to a welcome surprise from Apple on Tuesday: the company just released its own battery case. This is Apple's first venture into iPhone battery charger cases, and looks like an attempt to take a slice out of a market dominated by case makers such as Mophie.

Apple's new iPhone 6s Smart Battery CaseApple's new iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case

Apple's iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is silicone with a built-in Lightning connector, so there isn't any need to remove the case when recharging it or your phone. There are also cutouts for the rear-facing camera and mute rocker switch.

The "Smart" in Apple's new case presumably means it supports features like draining its own battery first, and then switching over to the iPhone's built-in battery. Since there aren't any charge indicator lights on the case, it also likely displays it's status on your iPhone screen.

You won't miss seeing where the extra battery sits thanks to the big rectangle bump on the back of your iPhone. It looks like several credit cards were stuffed inside the case, which isn't necessarily bad; it's just a different look for Apple.

Apple's iPhone 6s Smart Battery Case is available in white or charcoal gray and is in stores now. You can pick one up for US$99.

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Apple stayed away from portable iPhone chargers and battery cases ever since the original model was released years ago. That left a big market open for third parties because a lot of people felt their daily battery life was just too short. This looks like Apple's way of passively saying, "Yeah, we get it. Battery life really is an issue for iPhone uers."

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Lee Dronick

  This looks like Apple’s way of passively saying, “Yeah, we get it. Battery life really is an issue for iPhone

Then stop making them so thin.


Ives must be rolling over in his grave.

Tish Tash

Ives isn’t dead. You mean Jobs?


Ives isn’t dead? Huh. I saw this and just assumed he must be.

Tish Tash

(ok i gotta give ya that)

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