Apple Updates iTunes Festival App, Works with iOS 7.06

Apple has released iTunes Festival 5.0, the company's app for accessing concert music and videos from the company's iTunes Festival, including the company's first U.S. iTunes Festival at Austin's SXSW. Sources had told Daring Fireball's John Gruber that Apple would release the app in conjunction with iOS 7.1, but it appeared on Thursday and works with the current version of iOS, 7.0.6.

The patch notes for iTunes Festival 5.0 say:

Refreshed design. Updated to feature iTunes Festival at SXSW.

MacStories noted that Twitter reports from Australia and Belgium reported being able to download and run the app. Just as we were about to run this story, it became available in the U.S., too, and we can confirm that it runs on iOS 7.0.6.

Much of the interest in this release is about when iOS 7.1 will be released. Rumors have swirled on this iOS update saying that it would be released before SXSW because of some improvements designed for high density iPhone usage. If the iTunes Festival app also required it, it should be released any second, because SXSW starts next week.

While iOS 7.1 might still be released any moment, the iTunes Festival app won't require it. And since the iTunes Festival is an awesome musical event, you should download this free app just to experience some great music.