Apple Updates Xcode 5, Remote Desktop Betas for Developers

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Along with iOS 7 beta 4 and iTunes 11.1 beta 1, Apple also released new betas of Xcode 5 and Apple Remote Desktop to developers on Monday. Both updates are available only to Apple-registered developers and offer bug fixes and other improvements.

Apple updates Xcode app coding tools for developersApple updates Xcode app coding tools for developers

Xcode 5 Developer Preview 4 includes user interface improvements along with its bug fixes, and Apple Remote Desktop 3.7 appears to be close to a release version.

The updates were released to developers along side iOS 7 beta which included several changes such as interface improvements, changes to Spotlight searches, refinements for the phone interface on the iPhone, and more. The iTunes 11.1 beta 1 update added Mac support for iTunes Radio.

The updates are all available through Apple's Developer website.

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