Apple Wants Another $180M from Samsung Patent Infringement Win

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Now that Samsung has finally coughed up US$548 million in damages from the loss in its years-old patent infringement fight with Apple, the iPhone and iPad maker is asking the court to order another $180 million payment. Apple was awarded over $900 million in 2011 the case, and Samsung agreed to pay the partial settlement in December, but Apple says it needs another check to start chipping away at interest and supplemental damages.

Apple wants more money in Samsung patent fightApple wants more money in Samsung patent fight

Apple got its $180 million figure by adding up the $1.2 million in prejudgement interest it's owed, and $178.7 million in supplemental damages. Apple filed its request with the court on December 24, and the move was most likely just another necessary step in the legal process.

Florian Mueller of FOSS Patents said, "[Apple's] motion could not be accurately described as adding insult to injury: it's merely a logical step of the overall enforcement efforts Apple has started."

The two companies went to court in 2011 over accusations they were copying each other's mobile device patents. A jury found that Apple wasn't infringing on any patents, but that Samsung was. Apple has been pushing to get its damages ever since while Samsung has been delaying the process with ongoing appeals.

Samsung agreed to the partial damages payment it handed over on December 14th, but gave itself an out by stipulating it can demand the money back if any of the patents involved are declared invalid. Apple countered by disputing Samsung's claim that it has a right to reimbursement.

Samsung's latest move was an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. There isn't any word yet on whether or not the court will hear the case.

Samsung hasn't commented on Apple's latest filing, either, but it's a safe bet the company will fight handing over any more money.

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This lawsuit is like a never ending story. Samsung is going to find every way it can to extend the case, and Apple's latest move will no doubt play into that, too.

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Decio Silva

It seems to me Samsung would be light years ahead of Apple, in terms of technology (smartphones, screens and so on) if it didn’t have to pay those absurd amounts of money. Maybe they wouldn’t achieve so far without infringing those patents… i don’t know. but in practical terms, all that money down samsung’s drain would have meant better technology, no?


Not sure how you define “absurd” here, since Samsung knowingly and shamelessly infringed on multiple patents. The award is far outweighed by the profits Samsung made infringing on Apple’s patents.

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