Apple Watch Designed for Daily Recharge, Lefties Supported

CUPERTINO - Apple's live event Tuesday announced the Apple Watch, but the announcement was light on details. Here at TMO Towers we were wondering about the battery life, and since a goodly portion of us are lefties, we wondered about the feasibility of wearing the Apple Watch on the "other" arm.

Dave Hamilton was at the event, and in the hands-on area he asked about both of those things. The Apple represenatives on hand were coy about the specific battery life of the iWatch, but they did say it is designed to be used day-to-day and charged at night. It is likely specifics will be announced when the device ships, and we will be putting it through its paces at that time.

Apple Watch with magnetic induction charging cable attached.Apple Watch with magnetic induction charging cable attached.

Apple Watch with MagSafe Chargers

Also of note is that Apple Watch does support left-handed use. Apple didn't offer specifics, but it appears as if left-handed use will be supported via a setting. This was a concern because of the amount of interaction via "Digital Crown", the crown on the watch which is usually on the right of the face, making it difficult for left-handed users.

Our staff will definitely be taking a closer look at "lefty mode" when the watch is made available next year.