Apple Watch gets Lower Price, Woven Nylon Bands

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Apple lowered the Apple Watch price and introduced new woven nylon bands on Monday, adding even more style choices for its smartwatch line. The company also added new Sport band colors and a Space Gray Milanese Loop band.

Apple's new Woven Nylon Apple Watch bandsApple's new Woven Nylon Apple Watch bands

Pricing for Apple Watch now starts at US$299 for the 38mm Sport model, and $349 for the 42mm Sport model.

The new four-layer Woven Nylon bands are available in 38mm and 42mm sizes with in seven color choices. All sport a silver classic buckle, except for the grey band which comes with a Space Gray buckle.

The Space Gray Milanese Loop band costs $149 for the 38mm model, and $199 for the 42mm model.

The Sport band is available in enough colors now to look like a candy store, which means there's a good chance at least one will work for you. Individual bands are priced at $49 for 38mm or 42mm models.

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Lee Dronick

I am interested in seeing how the new spacegray/black milanese loop looks. Also how durable it is as I have concerns that the black would might wear off as the loops rub against each, if that indeed is a concern.


Bands are still too expensive. But I like so much of Apple stuff that I’ve gotta have *something* that I recommend not getting from Apple. It used to be that I recommended buying the least RAM in a computer then getting more from 3rd parties because it was half price. Since RAM is now soldered in most of the time that doesn’t work anymore. So my new anti-Apple rebellion is to recommend getting 3rd party watch bands. I got a nice space gray metal band for $25. Whereas these new ones are $49 and up.

Lee Dronick

Bands are still too expensive. But I like so much of Apple stuff that I’ve gotta have *something* that I recommend not getting from Apple.

I am seeing more and more 3rd party watch bands in the kiosks outside of the Apple Stores and in places such as Best Buy and Target. I don’t know about their quality, but the prices are certainly lower and that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are chintzy.

When I tried on the Apple milanese loop I like the way that it fit. Seeing as buying the Apple Watch was an expensive experiment I chose a midnight blue elastomer band, on a gold sport model. I will probably stick with the elastomer band for a while, maybe until the next watch model, but then I am enjoying my luxuries.

Side note: Last Friday my wife’s Apple Watch woke up with an unusual problem. It would keep locking itself. Put it on and unlock it, raise her arm and the watch is locked. I tried a restart and a hard reset, no tips that I could find online so we went to the Genius Bar. They tried some things, but ended up sending to a repair depot. We should hear from them tomorrow or the next day, I suspect that they will replace it as it probably has something to do with the wrist detection system.



A few weeks ago, my watch did the same; kept locking, and was not recording my workout as a result.

Having tried multiple restarts, manipulation from the phone, and some colourful metaphors, what seemed to work was putting the watch on the charger for a period and recharging to full.

Perhaps charging was coincidental, in which case, it had to be the colourful metaphors.

Lee Dronick

Thank you “Doctor”, my wife will be relieved that she wasn’t the only one to have the “condition” and that there is a “cure”. smile

The watch gets a full charge overnight, but perhaps the magnetic connection got bumped off. Anyway, if the technicians share with me what they found, I will share it here.

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