Apple Watch May be Available in Nordstrom Stores

Apple Watch may be available in Nordstrom as well as Apple's own retail stores. Insider sources said the two are in talks, although so far there haven't been any clear indications that the new smartwatch will be sold anywhere but Apple's own stores.

Apple may sell its smartwatch at NordstromApple may sell its smartwatch at Nordstrom

Apple is hosting a media event this morning where it will most likely reveal more details about Apple Watch, how much it will cost, and where it will be available. Apple's own stores are a given, but other retailers may not get to sell Apple Watch because the company will most likely want to have tight control over the whole buying experience.

That said, Nordstrom could make a good Apple Watch retail partner because the company's stores cater to fashion-conscious shoppers. Part of the appeal of Apple Watch is expected to draw in the fashion crowd, making the device part jewelry and part tech accessory.

Apple first showed off Apple Watch at a media event last September where little was revealed beyond what models will be available, a small handful of features catering to the fitness crowd, support for third-party apps, and that it would serve as an accessory for the iPhone.

Today's media event is set to start at 10AM pacific time, and is expected to fill in the blanks on the Apple Watch's details. Be sure to follow along with The Mac Observer's event coverage, and then check out our post-event Daily Observations podcast for our first impressions from the media event.

[Thanks to Reuters for the heads up]