Apple Watch Production Bottleneck Ends, Quanta Now Building at Full Capacity

Apple Watch should be easier to get now that Quanta, the company building Apple's smartwatch, has ramped up production. Company vice chairman CC Leung said there weren't enough workers available during the Lunar New Year holidays, but that's no longer an issue.

Quanta says it can now meet Apple Watch production expectationsQuanta says it can now meet Apple Watch production expectations

Mr. Leung said his company borrowed staff from other manufacturers to keep Apple Watch production running, but was only able to deliver limited quantities to Apple. With a full work crew back on the job he said Quanta isn't having any issues building the watches Apple needs, and is also meeting the quality standards Apple demands.

His comments came in response to rumors about poor yield rates for Apple Watch, and that Apple was looking to other manufacturers to supplement production, according to DigiTimes.

Mr. Leung's statement comes as good news to early Apple Watch buyers who are still waiting for their smartwatch delivery. Apple launched pre-orders on April 10 and within minutes orders were backlogged several weeks. Instead of getting an Apple Watch on the April 24 launch date, most early buyers were left waiting until May for delivery and many still haven't received theirs.

Apple also backtracked on in-store sales for the launch because of inventory constraints, and instead sent customers to its website to place orders.

The frustration of waiting may, however, be coming to an end. Watch models that previously hadn't shipped at all—such as some stainless steel models—are being delivered now. Assuming Quanta can hit Apple's production needs, we may finally see in-store sales soon, too.