Apple: We’re Working Non-stop on Improving Maps

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Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer said during the company's fourth fiscal quarter earnings report that it is hard at work on improving the Maps app in iOS 6. The company came under fire for complaints that the iOS 6 Maps app hasn't been as accurate as the Google version it replaces.

Apple says Maps will improveApple says Maps data will improve

"We've made a number of improvements to Maps over the past month," Mr. Oppenheimer said. "And will work nonstop until Maps lives up to our incredibly high standards."

Apple chose to drop Google from the Maps app with the launch of iOS 6 in favor of its own solution. The change improved overall performance of the app, but at the cost of accuracy in some areas, and Apple's version doesn't offer Street View or mass transit information.

The Apple version of the Maps app includes a system that lets users report errors and the company is using that information to increase data accuracy faster than if it had to rely on only its own staff. Since location data can be updated without pushing a new version of the Maps app out, iOS 6 users will benefit from improvements as they happen.

Mr. Oppenheimer didn't say how long Apple plans to work nonstop on improving its Maps app, but considering the company doesn't want Google's maps feature to be seen as superior, it's a safe bet the Apple team will be hard at work for some time.

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Martijn van der Spek

While waiting for Apple to improve their maps app, you could use our google maps version for iOS6 that was approved this morning. It is called ‘Sparkling Maps’, and has streetview and turn by turn navigation, amongst its features. And it has all the google maps details.


Apple’s new iOS maps are an abomination. What an embarrassment and a disservice to the legacy of Steve Jobs to not only introduce these maps but to do so with a list of superlatives even though company execs knew they were subpar to what they were replacing.

Inaccurate, incomplete, incomprehensible are just three ‘i’ words I can come up with. Interstate exit numbers? Nah. Subway stations - even without transit updates? Nah.

You have to hand it to Google… when they set themselves to doing something, they do it better than anyone else. Nothing compares to StreetView - nothing!

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