Apple Will Reportedly Unveil New iPads on Oct. 22nd, Possibly Mac Pro and Mavericks

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The Apple Crystal BallApple will hold its next media event on October 22nd, according to AllThingsD. Unnamed sources said the event would focus on new iPad models, but that the company's new Mac Pro and OS X Mavericks would get some love, too.

John Paczkowski specified that he was unable to find out where the event will take place. Apple has historically used either the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, the California Theater (where last year's iPad 4 and iPad mini event was held), and the company's own Town Hall auditorium at its current Infinite Loop headquarters in Cupertino. The only thing he ruled out was the California Theater.

I was personally surprised when Apple held its iPhone 5c and 5s media event at its Town Hall auditorium. It's the smallest of the three venues Apple has used, and the iPhone event is Apple's largest media event. On the other hand, Apple's own facility offers the kind of security Apple can't get from third party facilities.

Accordingly, it wouldn't surprise me if this event was also held at Apple's campus.

In the meanwhile, the smart rumor money is on Apple announcing a thinner, faster iPad (let's call it iPad 5) powered by Apple's new 64-bit A7 processor. I'd personally be shocked if it didn't include Touch ID, but it's possible that Apple intends to limit that feature to the iPhone, so we'll have to wait and see.

The iPad mini has been the source of conflicting rumors over whether or not it will boast a Retina Display, but the smart money is on yes. It could also get the A7 processor. If so, the iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s would be Apple's only mobile products not using a 64-bit processor.

Apple already unveiled the new Mac Pro during June's World Wide Developer Conference, but the company hasn't announced a shipping date. There are a few questions left unanswered about internal specs, but we know the device is packed full of awesome.

October 22nd is just six days before Apple announces results for the September quarter.

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An A7 in a iPad Mini with Retina Display AND great battery life will certainly open up a lot of wallets, probably even mine.

I suspect the Cook in the Town Hall with an IGZO.

Lee Dronick

Touch ID would be nice, but with or without it I am buying a new iPad for my wife.


Would someone who has at least seen a mini, and used a Retina display tell me how/if the mini would benefit from a Retina? I mean, the pixels are already pretty dense, right?

A faster processor is always welcome, but it’s not like the mini is particularly slow, or anything.


I’m ready to give my 3 to the missus and buy the 5….like yesterday! She has an old white book, she moans about how much I use my iPad….me thinks she’s just jealous!


I have both an iPad Retina (3rd gen) and an iPad mini. I much prefer the Retina screen for reading magazines. They look print quality. The size is also better since it is closer to a magazine size. (Clos*er*, obviously it’s still smaller.)  When I read on the mini I instinctively hold it a little further away because I don’t like to see the pixelation fuzziness. I use the mini more than the larger iPad simply because it’s more portable, but I really do wish it has a Retina screen because I can tell the difference and it’s enough to bother me.  But for normal app usage, rather than reading print, the difference isn’t enough to care.


webjprgm, thanks for your helpful input on retina vs non-retina, portability,  use frequency, etc.

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