Apple: 1 Million Users for iPhoto for iPhone & iPad in 10 Days

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Apple said on Wednesday that it already has more than a million users for iPhoto for iPhone and iPad, an app that was introduced on March 7th. The Loop reported that Apple said it had hit that number just ten days after the app was released.

iPhoto for iPhone and iPad

iPhoto for iPhone and iPad

Jim Dalrymple noted that Apple specified it was counting users, as opposed to downloads, which means that downloads to multiple devices by one user weren’t counted.

iPhoto is Apple’s photo management and editing solution. It was originally developed for the Mac as part of the original iLife suite, and it’s the fourth member of that suite to be brought to iPhone and iPad.

iPhoto for iOS is priced at US$4.99.

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Which means an additional $5M in revenue for Apple just on this app alone.  Of course that’s just a drop in the bucket for AAPL - just sayin’...

(At least they don’t have to split it with a developer!)

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