Apple Addresses iOS 4 Exchange Sync Issues

Apple released a patch that addresses Microsoft Exchange sync issues for iOS 4 users this week. Unlike most iPhone and iPod touch updates, however, users have to take a more pro-active role in finding and installing the patch.

The patch is available as a configuration profile that addresses problems where Exchange ActiveSync Mail, Contacts and Calendars data doesn’t sync, or syncs slowly.

To install the new configuration profile, users should go to Apple’s Knowledge Base article detailing the installation steps on their iPhone or iPod touch. Once there, they can download the configuration profile directly to their device.

If you download the profile to your Mac or PC instead, email the document to an account that you can check on your iPhone or iPod touch. Tap the attachment to install the configuration profile.

Here’s what to do after you select the download configuration profile link from Apple’s Web site, or tap the configuration profile attachment in Mail on your iPhone or iPod touch:

  • Tap Install to install the profile, and enter your iPhone or iPod touch passcode if prompted.
  • A warning message will appear because the profile is not signed. Tap Install Now.
  • Tap Done to complete the installation, then power off your device and power it back on.

Once the configuration profile is installed and your iPhone or iPod touch has been restarted, your Exchange data should properly complete the sync process.