Apple Addresses Location Tracking with iOS 4.3.3 Update

Apple released iOS 4.3.3 for GSM-based iPhones and iOS 4.2.8 for CDMA-based iPhones on Wednesday. The updates come only days after the company promised a fix for iPhone location logging data that could potentially be accessed without user permission.

iPhone 4iOS 4.3.3 addresses location tracking concerns

The 4.3.3 update reduces the size of the location data cache, no longer backs up the cache when syncing with iTunes, and deletes the location cache from users iPhones when Location Services is disabled.

The update clocks in at 662.3MB on the GSM-based iPhones TMO tested, and 652.8MB for CDMA iPhones. It is compatible with the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, third and fourth generation iPod touch, and the iPad and iPad 2.

The update is available for free via Apple’s iTunes application. You can install iOS 4.3.3 by connecting your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to your computer, selecting your device from the Library list in iTunes, click Summary, then click Check for Update.