Apple Adds RAW Support for Canon Rebel T4i, Sony SLT-A37

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Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.14 on Tuesday. The release adds RAW image compatibility to Aperture and iPhoto ‘11 for the Canon EOS Rebel T4i, the 650D, and the Kiss X6i, as well as the Sony Alpha SLT-A37.

Aperture, iPhoto, and RAW

Aperture, iPhoto, and RAW

The update is an 8.2MB download through Software Update in Lion, or as a 7.9MB download for the standalone update for Lion and Snow Leopard at Apple’s Downloads site.

RAW image is the native, large scale file format used by many high-end digital cameras. Support for individual cameras has to be added to OS X as they are released.

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The iPhone 11!  -  Gee Bryan, can’t wait for one of those   grin

Bryan Chaffin

Thanks, LW. It’s fixed. smile


Support for individual cameras has to be added to OS X as they are released.

Just curious, but why? I’ve followed Apple news for a long time and seen lots of these “Apple adds RAW support” headlines. In my mind it sounds similar to adding printer drivers for each and every new printer to hit the market; conceptually they’re all doing the same thing but each new model manages to do it differently enough that software needs to be updated. Apple finally kibosh’d this to some extent with AirPrint, a standard that keeps iOS devices from needing scores of different drivers.

So is this a case of camera makers being too lazy to generate RAW files that conform to any standard? Are they making genuine leaps that continually demand new formats?

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