Apple Adds WWDC Attendee Site

Apple added the WWDC 2007 Attendee Site to the WWDC home page on Monday. The new section has special features for those who have their WWDC E-ticket.

"The WWDC 2007 Attendee Site provides access to conference news and information, up-to-date schedules, and session-related sample code and documentation downloads. Attendees can also use the "My Agenda" feature to create and manage a personalized agenda of conference sessions and labs," according to Apple.

Only registered Apple developers who have an Apple ID and already possess a WWDC E-ticket can log on. Information there is considered confidential and subject to the terms and conditions of the ADC Membership Agreement with Apple.

Access the page by going the Apple WWDC page and clicking on the "WWDC 2007 Attendee Site" link under "Recently Added." After logging in, attendees will see some interesting things.