Apple & Motorola Spar in German Court Over Xoom

iPad vs XoomGavel image via Shutterstock.

Apple and Motorola Mobility traded arguments in court Tuesday over the designs of the iPad and Xoom tablets as the trial phase of a lawsuit filed by Apple last year continued, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Apple sued Motorola in Germany in August 2011, claiming that the latter company’s Xoom tablet infringed on the design of the original iPad. Apple’s counsel argued in court that Motorola tried to “jump on the bandwagon” of the original iPad’s launch and that their eventual competing product was merely an iPad with minor differences.

Motorola responded by stating that due to clear differences between the products, there is “no way” consumers would mistake a Xoom for an iPad.

While the two devices share many design features, the trial’s presiding judge stated in her opening remarks that characteristics such as the back and edges of the Xoom give it an “individual character.”

While Apple has not publicly commented on the court session, Motorola said in an email statement to Dow Jones that the company is “pleased with the progress at today’s hearing and look forward to the final decision in May.”

The ruling in the case is currently scheduled for May 31, 2012.