Apple Announces iPhone OS 3.1, Ringtones

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Apple introduced iPhone OS 3.1 during its special music related media event on Wednesday. The update for the iPhone and iPod touch includes a new Genius feature for finding music, along with support for purchased ringtones.

The Genius feature takes advantage of a new addition to the App Store that will presumably make it easier for users to find music they like.

Along with the new Genius feature, Apple announced that iPhone owners will be able to purchase ringtones through the iTunes Store. Ringtones will cost US$1.29 each, which is well below the typical $3 many cell phone owners pay.

iPhone OS 3.1 is a free update for iPhone and iPod touch owners and is available for download now.



What a deal!

Buy a small portion of a song for only the full price of the song!  As a bonus, you can buy the full song separately for full price if you want to hear the rest of it.


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