Apple Announces iTunes Festival London 2011

Apple has announced iTunes Festival London 2011, a yearly music festival Apple throws at the Roundhouse in London, England. The company said that it will take place over 31 nights (starting July 1st) with 62 bands, but only three bands have so far been confirmed, Linkin Park (July 4th), Duran Duran (July 16th), and Rumer (July 18th) [the link for Rumer is to the UK iTunes Store, as Rumer is not offered in the U.S. iTunes Store].

Apple gives away tickets to the event via a drawing. Prospective fans can enter a drawing for any of the three bands that have been confirmed, and other bands once they are announced. Apple will also let you sign up for iTunes Festival-specific news and information on the home page for the event.

Apple has set up a page on Ping for iTunes Festival news, and you can also follow the event on Twitter. There’s even a Facebook page for the UK iTunes Store, if that’s your thing.

iTunes Festival London 2011