Apple Announces WWDC 2009 Design Award Winners


Apple announced the winners of its 2009 Apple Design Awards at its World Wide Developer Conference in San Francisco Tuesday night. Categories in the event included Developer Showcases, iPhone OS 3 Beta App, and Student Projects.

The Mac OS Leopard Developer Showcase winners included Billings from Marketcircle, Versions from Dirk Stoop, Things from Cultured Code and BoinxTV from Boinx. Pieter Omvlee's Fontcase won Best Mac OS X Student Project.

The iPhone Developer Showcase winners included Tweetie from atebits, Topple from ngmoco, at Bat from, and Postage from Rogue Sheep. Intermap Technologies won Pest iPhone OS 3.0 Beta App with Accuterra, and Elias Pietil's Wooden Labyrinth won Best iPhone Student App.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Mad props to Oliver and the crew from Boinx. Big fan from way back.

Mississauga Condominiums

AbuJazar Multimedia who generate and manipulate graphics, images, animations, sound, text and video to create integrated

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