Apple Announces WWDC Dates: June 7 - 11

Apple finally announced the dates for its annual World Wide Developer Conference on Wednesday. The event will run from June 7 through June 11, 2010 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

The annual conference for Mac OS X and iPhone OS developers will include tracks covering the iPhone, the Mac, and IT. Sessions will address working with the new iPhone OS 4 SDK, multitasking apps for the iPhone and iPad, coding for Mac OS X, deploying and managing network applications, working with iAd, HTML5 local storage, and more.

Apple will also announce five iPad and five iPhone Apple Design Award winners during the event. Developers won’t need to submit apps for consideration because Apple plans to cull the App Store for for the titles that it thinks are most deserving to win.

WWDC is a once-a-year event where developers have an opportunity to learn more about developing for the Mac and iPhone, and cal also meet Apple’s own developers face to face.

This year’s WWDC was announced surprisingly late, and also happens to fall in the general window when new iPhones could be released.

WWDC 2010 tickets are priced at US$1,599 and requires free registration in the Apple Developer program.