Apple Apparently Working Out iOS 4.2 Wi-Fi Issues

The rumor mill is working over time to crank out new deadlines for Apple’s iOS 4.2 release, and the latest claims the previous dates have been missed because the company is working on Wi-Fi-related issues. Apparently some pre-release testers have been complaining of unreliable network connections, and Apple is now working to address the issue, according to MacStories.

Based on comments from iPad users running the latest developer build of iOS 4.2, Wi-Fi network connections can drop out after a few minutes. Some users are reporting Safari on the iPad fails to run, too.

iOS 4.2: Not delayed yet

Apple showed off iOS 4.2 at a special media event this fall with the promise of a November release. The update will bring the iPad up to speed with features that are already available on the iPhone and iPod touch such as multi-tasking and app folders.

iOS 4.2 will also bring AirPrint wireless printing to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, along with AirPlay wireless audio and video streaming.

So far, the rumors have targeted several days this week for the official iOS 4.2 launch. Since those rumors have failed to pan out, the Internet has been filling with reports that Apple delayed the release even though the company hasn’t announced a specific launch date.

For now, Apple is sticking with its promised November window. Unless the company pushes the release into December or later, iOS 4.2 isn’t delayed.