Apple Approves 102K Apps, 94K Available

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Apple has approved some 102,700 iPhone apps for the App Store, with 93,850 of those apps being available for purchase or download as of October 28th, 2009. The figures come courtesy of (first noted by PCWorld), which tracks and lists iPhone apps as they become available.

Apple announced it had passed the 85K milestone on September 28th, and will likely announce the 100K milestone the day that number is available for actual download, which could be as early as the next three or four weeks at the current rate of progress.

Google's Android platform is #2 in terms of the number of apps, with some 11,284 apps, according to Research In Motion's BlackBerry App World currently lists 3,066 apps.


Bryan Chaffin

100K before Thanksgiving is almost a surety - it boggles the mind.


I am curious, what are these 8,000 apps wink

probably enterprise apps… that’s a lot though ...


Could the ‘lost’ 8000 be versions of the same apps? When v2.0 comes out it seems like they would not be likely to keep offering v1.0.


it could make sense .. that’s still a lot though

Lee Dronick

I have 65 of those apps.

Sidebar: I just picked up a Magic Mouse, it is very nice and elegant.


> Apple Approves 102K Apps, 94K Available

I’m very surprised so many sites are reporting those say numbers… and no one wonders anything about the “missing” 8 *THOUSAND* apps.

Users are left to “guess”.

Why?  No one knows?


It’s actually been answered before (when they commented about hitting 85K apps).

Those ‘missing’ apps are apps which were pulled from the store for various reasons.  (Usually the app’s author pulling it.)


Weren’t something like 50 of the missing apps from one person who copied someone else’s text from the internet and made separate apps?


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