Apple Approves Google Voice for iPhone

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Apple has, at long last, approved Google Voice for iPhone, Google’s app for interfacing with the company’s VoIP service and voice and text messaging solution. With the app, users can view incoming messages, read transcripts of their voicemails, make VoIP calls, and manage their Google Voice account.

Apple had rejected the app for some time, an issue that cause its fair share of hoopla on the Internet. Its appearance today was not specifically anticipated, but CNN noted that Apple had begun approving third party apps that interfaced with the service in recent weeks.

The app is currently available only in the U.S., and it works with iPhone only. iPod touch users are not supported, the subject of much angst in the large number of user reviews already submitted for the app on its first day (most 1 star reviews are from iPod touch users that can’t use the app).

The release notes:

  • Access your Google Voice account right from your iPhone.
  • Receive push notifications for new text or voicemail messages.
  • Send free text messages to U.S. numbers and make international calls at cheap rates.
  • Listen to your voicemail, read transcripts and manage your Google Voice inbox.
  • Display your Google Voice number as caller ID when making calls.
  • Call contacts from your iPhone Address Book or enter new numbers on the dialpad.
  • A Google Voice account is required to use this app. To sign up go to
  • Google Voice is only available in the United States.

The app is free, and is available now on the App Store.

Google Voice Screenshot

Google Voice Screenshot

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Mister Ed

Bryan Chaffin wrote:
”...make VoIP calls…”

Unfortunately, that is not true.

Google Voice routes your call through Direct Access Numbers and uses your iPhone’s radio to complete the call.  Your cell minutes are still consumed as if you placed the call directly from your iPhone using Apple’s Phone app.

I made a 45 minute call to Canada with Google Voice, and was amazed at the call quality.  There were no long distance charges, but it did eat up 45 of my cell minutes.


IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME. Quick, find me just ONE user that is confused as to weather or not the Google Voice app is the built-in phone app. That was the BS reason that Apple gave for rejecting it the first time around.

Seriously, just ONE person…

Bryan Chaffin

Bryan Chaffin wrote:
?...make VoIP calls??

Unfortunately, that is not true.

Thanks for the correction, Mr. Ed! I had a feeling in the back of my head that I didn’t quite have this right. I corrected the article, and appreciate the note. smile

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