Apple Aware of iOS 4 on iPhone 3G Complaints

Apple is aware of complaints from customers who have upgraded their iPhone 3G to iOS 4. Responding to a request for comment from The Wall Street Journal’s Digits column, an Apple spokesperson told the paper that the company knows about the complaints and is investigating the issue.

Some users have found their iPhone 3G to run slow after upgrading to the new version of iOS, and others have complained that the device becomes too hot to use. On Apple’s support forums, there is a thread on the issue that has reached 43 pages.

Apple has not yet acknowledged that there is a problem, nor has the company indicated that a fix is in the works. Today’s acknowledgement that there are complaints, however, is seemingly a rare departure for Apple, as the company often refuses to comment on such issues until and if it is ready to also announce a solution.

Earlier this month, Apple made the case that a spot on the iPhone 4 that can cause signal loss when touched is an issue shared by most, if not all smartphones. At the same time, the company offered customers a free bumper case that insulates the device from contact, thus eliminating the issue for the iPhone 4.