Apple Bans DUI Checkpoint Apps in App Store Guidelines

iPhone DUI CheckpointsApple has changed its App Store review guidelines to specifically ban DUI checkpoint apps, apps that are designed to help users circumvent the police by alerting them when they are near an unpublished DUI checkpoint.  The move comes after four U.S. Senators asked Apple and Google both to ban such apps in a letter sent in March of 2011, with additional pressure during Senate hearings on the way the companies used location data services.

According to Autoblog, Apple now has a section in its App Store Review Guidelines, section 22.8, that states: “Apps which contain DUI checkpoints that are not published by law enforcement agencies, or encourage and enable drunk driving, will be rejected.”

According to that wording, apps that simply track checkpoints that have been published would still be acceptable. Some police forces do advertise their checkpoints in an attempt to discourage drunk driving ahead of time by letting the citizenry know that high traffic areas will have a police presence. In fact, the entire state of California requires that checkpoint locations be made public ahead of time.

CNet also noted that the terms don’t affect apps that track speed traps, like Trapster, are still available.