Apple Begins Encouraging MobileMe-to-iCloud Migration

Apple has begun to encourage some MobileMe customers to get on with migrating their accounts to iCloud. MobileMe is currently scheduled to be shut down in June of 2012, and Apple has begun sending email messages to MobileMe account holders encouraging a migration now, rather than later.


Email Message Sent to Some MobileMe Customers

Apple introduced iCloud-enabled iTunes synching starting in the summer of 2011. iCloud as a whole officially launched on October 12th. The company let us know at the time that MobileMe would shut down in June of 2012, and the company has provided a migration path for customers to convert their accounts to iCloud.

iCloud does both less and more than MobileMe. It provides most, but not all, of the data synching offered in MobileMe (the notable absence currently being Keychain synching), as well as support for Find My iPhone. It also offers online access to your email accounts, but it does not include iDisk, Apple’s online storage solution.

It adds the above-mentioned iTunes content synching, Photo Stream (Apple’s available-everywhere photo storage and access service), online storage of iTunes video content, iCloud document storage, and more. Apple’s iTunes Match also requires iCloud.