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When Apple released Final Cut Pro X, it also discontinued Final Cut Studio, much to the chagrin of professional video editors. Now Apple has begun selling the video editing suit of apps again, complete with Final Cut Pro 7, although shoppers won’t find it through the company’s online store.

Final Cut StudioFinal Cut Studio: Back from the dead

Buyers looking to get their hands on a copy of Final Cut Studio need to call Apple’s sales phone number, 1-800-MY-APPLE, and ask for the application suite. The part number for the suite is MB642Z/A, which can come in handy if the sales representative is having trouble finding the Final Cut suite in their product system.

The Final Cut Studio suite includes Final Cot Pro 7, Soundtrack Pro 3, Motion 4, Compressor 3.5, Color 1.5 and DVD Studio Pro 4.

Apple released Final Cut Pro X in June and discontinued Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Studio at the same time. The new Final Cut Pro release has a redesigned interface that borrows elements from iMovie, and offers 64-bit support and background rendering.

Final Cut Studio is priced at US$999.

[Thanks to MacRumors for the heads up.]

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I wonder if this is a result of SJ no longer being CEO.  It’s extremely rare for them to change course.

Lee Dronick

I wonder if this is a result of SJ no longer being CEO.? It?s extremely rare for them to change course.

I think that it was because the video pros were complaining, loudly.

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Command f-ing Z.

Paul Goodwin

The lates iMovie is a mess. It used to be a great little program, easy to use. Using that interface in Final Cut Pro was a huge mistake, and the pros very definitely panned it. Of all the Apple stuff I’ve ever used, the current iMovie is the most non-standard user interface and even for experienced users, it is way to hard and non-intuitive. There’s not even a Save As command in the file pull down menu. It’s not often that I criticize Apple, but they need to clean house on the video SW development team, junk their latest stuff, and go back to what they had in the earlier versions.

Paul Goodwin

My wife has done video for a living and HATES the new iMovie. She continues to use an older version of FCP but is stuck with the newer iMovie. Apple actually gave some FCP customers their money back recently. How often does that happe? They couldn’t open their FCP 7 projects (I think). This Final Cut Studio work around is just one of the things they’re offering to keep from alienating their long time customers through this debacle. Heads should roll over this. I’m a long time Apple fan (since ‘88) and this by far is the worst junk they’ve ever released.

Paul Goodwin

Sorry. Grammar error.  “to” should be “too”. Automatic C- grade. Go to the rear of the class and hold two full Webster’s out at arms’ length

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