Apple Brings iMovie, GarageBand to iPad

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Apple is giving iPad owners the ability to turn their multimedia tablets into portable movie and audio editing studios with the introduction of iMovie and GarageBand for the device. The iPad apps were introduced during the company’s iPad 2 event on Wednesday, and will be available on Friday, March 11.

iMovie for iPadiMove for the iPad

iMovie for the iPad can take advantage of the built-in cameras included in the second generation iPad to capture footage. Video from the built-in cameras, as well as imported video can be edited in app, and it supports editing audio tracks via waveforms, too.

The iPad version of iMovie will support uploading videos to MobileMe, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo, and the app supports HD video output to TVs via AirPlay. The new iMovie app is universal, so the same version will also run on the iPhone 4.

GarageBand for iPadGarageBand for the iPad

GarageBand for the iPad brings many of the Mac OS X version’s features to your finger tips, and adds a few features just for the tablet. The iPad version includes support for up to eight tracks, and includes on-screen keyboards, guitars, basses and drums users can play and record in real time.

The app is compatible with GarageBand for the Mac, includes over 250 audio loops, several built-in instruments, and support for emailing AAC files.

Both apps will be available on Apple’s iTunes-based App Store starting on March 11 in the U.S., and in several other countries around the world on March 25. iMovie and GarageBand for the iPad will be priced at US$4.99 each.



GarageBand may be the single catalyst for me to end up buying the iPad. Based on what I’ve seen, it promises to be an ultimate blast for musicians, while delivering amazing amount of power and flexibility to even do some smaller professional projects.

The only thing I’m scratching my head about is the 8-track limitation. 8 years ago, a 800Mhz PowerMac G4 (with 256MB of RAM) could easily handle 24 audio tracks, plus virtual MIDI instruments. Are they saying that the new A5 dual-core chip running at (at least) 1GHz and 512MB of RAM aren’t enough for more than 8 virtual instrument tracks???


this may be a dumb question, but I’m new to the whole apple/Mac scene. Will the garageband app work/be available on the iphone 4 as well or is that an iPad exclusive?


I don’t think it will fit on the iPhone screen. Judging by the few pictures I saw from the demo, it requires a lot of screen real estate for various features.

This may be one of those “HD” Apps that are available exclusively for the iPad.

Having something like it on the iPhone would be the ultimate in coolness, though…


Thanks for the quick response.. I figured the screen size would be too small but you’re right, it would have been amazing..Maybe in future iphone models. Thanks!

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