Apple Brings on Scores of Korean-Speaking Legal Experts

Apple has contracted with nearly 100, presumably Korean-speaking, legal experts to assist with suits against Korean-based Samsung in several courts and in several countries. On Thursday, two of the legal firms which are working with Apple on cases against Samsung significantly expanded the number of people agreeing to a protective order that is required to be involved in ITC lawsuits.


Apple and Samsung logos in the legal scales

Morrison & Foerster (Apple’s offensive legal team) and Wilmer Hale (Apple’s defensive legal team) are both currently involved in cases between Apple and Samsung, according to FOSS Patents.

It was Wilmer Hale that filed to have 73 lawyers subjected to the protective order, nearly all of which also contract with Morrison & Foerster. In addition, both law firms have brought under the same protective order 20 reviewers who are also presumably Korean-speakers.


While this seems to be a temporary arrangement, and a sweet deal for the attorneys involved, the additional effort now possible has to be significant. There is no indication what expertise, other than their language and legal credentials, these attorneys bring to the table.

With industry-leading Apple wrestling with second-place Samsung, the additional firepower to analyze the vast quantities of Korean-language documents will likely find itself being kept busy for a while.